Business or just busy work?

First off. What does your office say about your business?  Do you have wall hanging file holders on every door?  Do you use file storage boxes for furniture? 

I am always interested to see how my clients do business.  Technology we use or don't use can effect the business process.  It often starts with a phone call, an email or maybe a text message.  Then what, we take notes, ask questions, discuss with our team on the service or product to get the "sale".  How often do we do this?  Have we automated any of these task?  Does your technology fit in with your operations process?  Do you have the right phone system to take calls from anywhere?  Can you text your clients from your business number?  Do you still have a fax machine? 

The real question is, are you even aware there are better ways to do business.  Less pain or less stress for your employees?  There are so many technology solutions that can omit "busy work" and help do what I call GCB (good clean business).  

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Here are some ideas:

Sync your contacts

Which Cloud?
Dropbox.  For personal use...great, but is it the right solution for your Business?

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Eight business-class alternatives to Dropbox

Do you need your files in the cloud?
Dropbox is basically the household name in cloud storage and file sharing.  They are arguably one of the world's most popular cloud storage services.  The question is? Will it work for business.   I like it for personal "consumer" type use but my business has a different need when it comes to file access, storage and sharing.  We want to share this article with you from ZDNet on a few alternative.