Wireless or wired?

In the last few years we have seen traditional wired solutions decreasing in popularity.  This has been seen both inside and outside of the building.  Although structured cabling is still essential to any (brick and mortar) business, we have seen companies select business grade WIFI like options like Meraki (try it for free) over trying to re-cable small offices.  4G and 3G mobile communications takes over outside the building.  Many of our clients have been using 3G wireless to lower telco cost and reduce downtime for mission critical communications.  The copper phone line dial-up backup has been replaced by the wireless backup.  

I can't see the entire copper infrastructure going away anytime soon but there are many options moving forward like wireless and fiber taking the new lead.  Please read this interesting article below.

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"Or, as we move into the age of small cells, mobile video and voice-over-IP as the medium and mechanism of communications is that too simply a laughably outdated idea? (See Small Cell Service: If 9 Was 6.)"

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Light Reading Mobile

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