Working with FluentStream - we have found a great partner.

Introducing FluentStream Technologies.  EM Link International has now been working with FluentStream Technologies for well over a year.  Our experience has been positive and we continue to use Fluent as our "go to" VOIP provider.  

A few highlights from Fluent.

#1: An Awesome Phone System, sans the PBX

-support directly from Fluent

#2: Pricing You Can Understand & Never a Contract

-$0 setup fees

#3: Features To Make You More Productive

-work from any where

We continue to work with Fluent and rely on their expertise in the area of cloud communications.  It is always good to have a non-contract option when installing new service.  We have been able to win business when our clients need a temporary solution or a solution that allows them to size their operations according to the current need.  We enjoy working with them.  Please ask us how it all works or visit their site for details.