Productivity in the cloud - take good notes

What are you you using?
We often find our self working on many projects at the same time.  Why is it that every project always needs attention at the same time?  The day started like this...
Project A    
AT&T calls (8:30am) to get in to my client's building...the inside wiring needs to be done for a T-1 loop. Who are the sites contacts to call? What was the installation time window? 
Project B 
Megapath calls about a new DSL circuit.  The modem installed today will not sync up.  The circuit drops every 30 seconds.  This will delay the project for the next vendor schedule tomorrow.  Who is that vendor again and who should I contact?
Project C
I started a job back in July 2012 and worked on and off until about October 2012.  The electrical contractor needed to finalize some billing.  What parts did we use?Do you have copies of the receipts?

Ok for each of these task the cloud came to my rescue.  My Evernote account has all my job notes, receipts and any documents used during the job.  My Google drive is my first go to storage for any attachments I need to save.  So the question is, are you using any of these and how?